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Water Damage Testimonials

I am writing this in regards of 2 employees, Jeff W. and Ben S. and another young man who came out.

They did a clean up through Travelers Ins. for water damage. They were very professional, and they were explained how the process works. They worked hard and made it not so inconvenient for us. Their work ethis was remarkable. Because of them we  wanted your company to do the restoration.

I can't speak highly enough about the service we received from these young men.

Mary is located in Berlin, MD. She had a pipe burst that caused a water damage that they have never experiences before. After SERVPRO of the Lower Shore had been out to her property a few times, they had cleaned and dried everything up. Once everything was all said and done and the invoice was ready to be sent, Mary was given a call to see how her service went. She stated, Kim and another gentleman were the best workers. If we ever have anything like this happen again, I will want them to come back. They made a very scary situation, good.

I am very pleased with the work that your crews did at our home. I hope we don't have to use your company again but if I have to then SERVPRO will be the one we will call to help.


First, I would like to thank you for everything that you have done to carry out the completion of the first phase. I appreciate you sending the pictures showing the completed work. Everything looks good from the pictures, as I will also have the opportunity to look at the property in person this weekend. We will send off the final payment the beginning of next week.  

Again, we can't thank all of you enough for your assistance in this matter. 

Kenneth W.

"Got to tell you that the Jeff crew are absolutely one of the most efficient, courteous, professional, and responsive teams I've ever seen work on a project. My compliments to you and the Jeff crew for awesome work!! Hope we don't need them again, but know where to find them if we do!!"

I got an "A Team" sent - Roy and Mark.  Not only did they do a good job, they were and still are very nice.  Also, Matt Norman was very nice to me and promptly answered my emails.  

Overall great experience with SERVPRO.

I was very satisfied with their work.

Extremely pleased with employess. I hope SERVPRO continues to be just as courteous to others in the future as they were with me.  Thank you SERVPRO.

I have no complaints, SERVPRO Franchise did an excellent job.  I would highly recommend the SERVPRO service.

We were very impressed with how SERVPRO assisted us during our claim. Thanks so much you were very helpful!

Everything was super excellent.  No Complaints.

Continue to provide fantastic customer service and professional services! Mike and his team set the bar high. I give my strongest endorsement.

You should be thankful for employees like Dan & Kenna - They were most professional and courteous.  Thank you

You should be thankful for employees like Dan & Kenna - They were most professional and courteous.  Thank you

The team was very polite and courteous; very professional and did a great job getting all of our personal property back into the house. Also very helpful and personable.

Would highly recommend!!! Jeff and Crew were very professional and knowledgeable of job at hand

Mike, whom handled everything from beginning did a great job and was very professional!

This was my very first experience and the SERVPRO Crew made my situation for me as comfortable as they could by informing me of the process of their job. Explaining all of the details involved.

Thorough with the process -- especially with the tile at the end. Nate, Mike and Gary were extremely professional & solid communicators.

This is our 2nd time and we are extremely happy! Thank you for being a great business with great customer service!

SERVPRO does a great job and we recommend them to all of our customers.

I have been nothing but impressed with the four that have been here.  There have been very careful with bringing equipment in an taking out the carpet and wood. They are kind, mannerly, shook hands, made eye contact and were articulate in telling me what they were doing or going to do.